Rosehill Track Update

Published: 17 May 2018

Rail: +3 metres

Conditions (forecast): GOOD 3 to GOOD 4

Bias (forecast): FAIR

Rosehill Gardens was a good racing surface during the recent carnival, horses getting OFF RAILS for days two and three, but the inside wasn't too bad. After a FAIR track on 5th May and some cooler weather keeping the turf from firming up too much, we should get a FAIR track again on Saturday.

  • 5th May (True rail, GOOD) when the track was pretty FAIR, some jockeys riding slightly off rails
  • 31st March (+4m rail, GOOD) when there was an OFF RAILS bias
  • 24th March (+2m rail, SOFT to HEAVY) when there was an OFF RAILS bias
  • 17th March (True rail, GOOD) when track was pretty FAIR
  • 24th Feb (+6m rail, GOOD) when FAIR too
  • 3rd Feb (+3m, SOFT) when FAIR
  • 27th Jan (True rail, GOOD) when FAIR



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