Yard to the Post @ Coolmore Classic Day

Race Day: Rosehill Gardens on Saturday, 11 March 2017

Heavens above coolmore

A huge field of quality mares assembled for one of the best Group 1 Coolmore Classics in recent memory today and the finish came right down to the line. 

Melbourne raider SILENT SEDITION had been well-backed and drove to the lead early in the straight, only for Tim Martin's super genuine HEAVENS ABOVE (yellow above) to storm home and grab her late. DANISH TWIST and DAYSEE DOOM weren't far away, favourite OMEI SWORD unfortunately pulling up with vet issues. Waller's talented filly won't be seen again over the Autumn now.

In earlier races, Kiwi Derby winner TAVAGO showed how much stamina he has, surging home off a strong tempo to go straight past the even-money favourite ANTONIO GIUSEPPE. He's a plain looking type with plenty of heart and he loved the soft track today.

Coolmore themselves had a big win in the Magic Night Stakes, two-year-old Pierro filly TULIP producing a strong finish to qualify herself for the Golden Slipper, putting a stamp on the Blue Diamond form in the process. Hayes' youngster ran a faster time than the colt SINGLE BULLET did in the Pago Pago, suggesting she could measure up in the big one next week.

A full review from the yard to the post will be on-line Sunday 9am.

Track Info

ConditionsSOFT 6


Godolphin gets a much-needed winner

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 9422 Spectroscope James Cummings William Buick 1 57.0
2 69132 Extensible Peter & Paul Snowden Blake Shinn 4 60.0
3 8009 Bring Luck Amanda Turner & Mauro Poletti Peter Wells 2 54.0

In The Running

VOILIER took up the lead from FLY FORWARD and set FAIR tempo in the lead, not too much pressure. EXTENSIBLE behind the leaders, TORGERSEN over-racing behind her and SPECTROSCOPE back on the inside.

The Result

BRING LUCK up the inside, EXTENSIBLE through the middle and SPECTROSCOPE out wide all sprinted together, with SPECTROSCOPE (1st) proving too strong to the line from EXTENSIBLE (2nd, 1L). BRING LUCK's (3rd, 2.3L) run peaked. TIME 1:21.62 (34.81).

The Interest

He's a beautiful type and SPECTROSCOPE lived up to the looks with an impressive Aussie debut. It's on to the Doncaster Prelude now for him and a possible crack at the big G1 mile. EXTENSIBLE carried more weight and is a mare, her run was very good too. FLY FORWARD (5th) a strange betting plunge and seemed to lack the class. TORGERSEN (6th) not interested this prep. Follow SPECTROSCOPE and EXTENSIBLE.


Too much desire from the mare

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 72418 Artistry Peter & Paul Snowden Sam Clipperton 5 55.0
2 9288 Dothraki Peter & Paul Snowden Blake Shinn 2 59.0
3 4044 Fickle Folly Sue Grills Christian Reith 1 53.0

In The Running

BALL OF MUSCLE led from ALART working up on the outside. FICKLE FOLLY and DOTHRAKI behind them. ARTISTRY out the back.

The Result

DOTRHAKI (2nd, 0.5L) moved up to take the lead 125m out, but ARTISTRY (1st) swept over the top and hit the line hard. FICKLE FOLLY (3rd, 1.8L) fought on up the inside and edged out BALL OF MUSCLE (4th, 2.5L). TIME 1:04.99 (35.04).

The Interest

This race looked set up for DOTHRAKI to finally break through, but for a horse that doesn't usually attack the line, coming up against ARTISTRY in her mood today was going to be a hard ask. Snowden's mare flew late to grab her stable-mate and hit the line with force, the track obviously not too wet for her, as many thought it would be. Her final 200m of 11.34 seconds was impressive! PALAZZO PUBLICO (7th, 12.8L) not herself and in the report [vet: cardiac arrhythmia and a poor post-race recovery]. Follow ARTISTRY.


Portelli gets two into the Slipper

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 47031 Single Bullet Gary Portelli Tye Angland 7 55.5
2 74379 Ducimus Mick Price Blake Shinn 5 55.5
3 9422 Coruscate James Cummings William Buick 8 55.5

In The Running

DUCIMUS led from SINGLE BULLET and ALL DAY three wide. THE MISSION over-raced behind them. The two leaders (and favourites) went 'toe-to-toe' around the bend and had most of the field chasing. A STRONG tempo set up given they all set slow final 200m times and were tiring.

The Result

SINGLE BULLET (1st) dug in to edge out DUCIMUS (2nd, 0.2L) in a close tussle to the line. CORUSCATE (3rd, 1.5L) and THE MISSION (4th, 2.5L) fought on behind them. TIME 1:12.46 (36.00)

The Interest

The two fav's put themselves out on a limb, fighting from the turn, but nothing else was good enough to catch them. Portelli's SINGLE BULLET only marginally too good for the Hawkes-trained DUCIMUS at his first try in Sydney. The time was clearly slower than the fillies in the next race and while SINGLE BULLET is tough, he's not expected to trouble them in the big G1 next week. THE MISSION (4th) not a bad run after doing nothing right in the run. SCHUBERT (8th, 14.5L) in the report [vet: mildly lame in the off-foreleg]. No Follows or Forgives.


Melbourne form too good for the locals

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 6290 Tulip David & B Hayes & T Dabernig Kerrin McEvoy 11 55.5
2 9422 Alizee James Cummings William Buick 4 55.5
3 11232 Memento Anthony & Edward Cummings Sam Clipperton 15 55.5

In The Running

LIMBO SOUL led at a FAIR tempo from ALIZEE just off her and PELLEGRINA wider on the pace. SWEET DEAL (check mid-race) and TULIP (three wide with cover) not far off them. LA CHICA ROSA was slow to begin and urged to join the pack. MELIBOEA stuck very wide in midfield.

The Result

ALIZEE (2nd, 1.8L) moved up with TULIP (1st) 300m out, the latter too strong to the line. A big gap back to MEMENTO (3rd, 4.3L) running on from midfield, grabbing a place from SWEET DEAL (4th, 4.4L) and LIMBO SOUL (5th, 4.5L). TIME 1:12.01 (35.69).

The Interest

Big margins and a good time suggest the first two across the line and remember SWEET DEAL has Frolic form, which puts them right into calculations for the Golden Slipper too. TULIP, who ran 4th to Catchy in the G1 Blue Diamond, a nicely-built daughter of Pierro who seems to be crying out for the 1400m of the Sires Produce. We will see if the Coolmore gang go to the Slipper before then. FIFTH AFFAIR (16th, 22.5L) in the report [vet: poor post-race recovery] and MELIBOEA honest (8th, 6.9L) after covering a lot of extra ground. Follow TULIP. Forgive MELIBOEA..


Kiwi toughness kicks in late

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 58718 Tavago Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young Blake Shinn 3 58.0
2 67311 Antonio Giuseppe Chris Waller Tye Angland 5 55.0
3 9422 Allergic James Cummings William Buick 7 55.5

In The Running

RED EXCITEMENT went to the lead, rolled along and got going for home early, setting a STRONG tempo overall. LASQUETI SPIRIT was hard ridden to get into a spot behind the leader and was under pressure again before the turn as ANTONIO GIUSEPPE moved up to make a run.

The Result

TAVAGO (1st) and ANTONIO GIUSEPPE (2nd, 3.3L) joined the tiring RED EXCITEMENT (5th, 4.9L) at the 200m mark, TAVAGO surging clear late for a big win. ALLERGIC (3rd, 3.6L) wound up and hit the line late. TIME 2:03.87 (36.77).

The Interest

It's hard to understand why Parr and the Ryan stable thought going at warp speed in the lead against 2400m types was going to help, but it made for an exciting race. The lean tough TAVAGO isn't the prettiest, but he always produces a big surge in testing races like these and he got right away late, posing 12.00 for his final 200m compared to ANTONIO GIUSEPPE's 12.63. Notably ALLERGIC ran home in 11.99 and seems to be fit now, the Sydney Cup a likely target for him too. MAGIC HURRICANE (8th, 10.6) in the report [vet: lame in the off-foreleg]. Hard to know who to follow as the tempo suited one horse clearly. Follow TAVAGO, ANTONIO GIUSEPPE and ALLERGIC.


A nervous watch for favourite backers

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 8148 Foxplay Chris Waller Kerrin McEvoy 11 54.5
2 27477 Zenalicious Les Bridge Tim Clark 9 54.5
3 6444 Comic Set Michael Kent Sam Clipperton 8 56.5

In The Running

FRENCH FERN led at a STRONG tempo from ACHI BABA, with INTO ORBIT and ON THE SPOT behind them. COMIC SET in midfield with ZENALICIOUS and FOXPLAY behind him. ACHI BABA poured the pressure on into the turn, FOXPLAY urged along and held up near the back.

The Result

ZENALICIOUS (2nd, 0.3L) ran on up the inside and FOXPLAY (1st) eventually followed her through, surging late to get there. COMIC SET (3rd, 1.6L) fought on well in-front of the others, led by PUMPKIN PIE (4th, 4.7L).

The Interest

It was a nervous watch for those that backed FOXPLAY, the STRONG tempo up-front and Set Weights conditions of the race suiting her perfectly, but somehow McEvoy found a wall of horses in-front of him at the top of the straight. Her final 200m section of 11.67 was faster than the 400m to 200m section of 11.7, a very rare occurrence, suggesting she should have won clearly with even luck. ZENALICIOUS well ridden and back in form at Rosehill. COMIC SET very genuine up in grade. INTO ORBIT in the report [vet: laceration to the near-side knee and an abrasion to the off-hind cannon]. BEZEL didn't stride out and wasn't ridden by the jockey, who pulled him up citing a "respiratory noise". Nothing was found by the vet. Follow FOXPLAY, ZENALICIOUS and COMIC SET.


Tim Martin's mare gets the luck when it matters

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 64985 Heavens Above Tim Martin Tye Angland 4 55.0
2 69196 Silent Sedition Andrew Noblet Sam Clipperton 18 54.5
3 67147 Danish Twist Kris Lees Glyn Schofield 1 54.5

In The Running

GLOBAL GLAMOUR took up the running from DAYSEE DOOM and SILENT SEDITION moving up three wide. DIXIE BLOSSOMS strode up four wide behind them. EURO ANGEL over-racing in the pack. OMEI SWORD taken well back from her barrier.

The Result

HEAVENS ABOVE (1st) peeled out from midfield and ran on hard with DANISH TWIST (3rd, 0.2L) surging through the pack, they both arrived on the line for a close three way finish with SILENT SEDITION (2nd, 0.1L), who had booted to the lead early in the straight. DAYSEE DOOM (4th, 1.2L) not far off.

The Interest

She had no luck in the G1 Myer last spring, was pushed off the track first-up in the Millie Fox, but everything went to plan for HEAVENS ABOVE today at a big price ($26). After a slow jump Angland found the perfect spot midfield before pulling her to the outside and riding aggressively (fined $1000 for over-use of whip). That aggressive riding could have made the difference, Schofield pushing DANISH TWIST hands and heels until after the 200m and arguably she hit the line harder. SILENT SEDITION very brave. Excuses for DIXIE BLOSSOMS out so wide. A few in the report, fillies OMEI SWORD (7th, 3.9L) [vet: bled], LA BELLA DIOSA (19th, 10L) [vet: coughing] and mare ABBEY MARIE (16th, 8.9L) [vet: lame behind]. Forgive DIXIE BLOSSOMS.


Godolphin gets another on the board

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 9422 It's Somewhat James Cummings William Buick 1 59.0
2 62967 New Tipperary Joseph Pride Brenton Avdulla 8 53.0
3 50708 Testashadow Gary Portelli Sam Clipperton 10 55.0

In The Running

TESTASHADOW was urged from wide to lead at a STEADY tempo. NEW TIPPERARY moved up on his outside three wide with DIBAYANI on the rails and IT'S SOMEWHAT behind him.

The Result

TESTASHADOW (3rd, 0.4L) got going for home early and NEW TIPPERARY (2nd, 0.2L) stuck on to the line, IT'S SOMEWHAT (1st) finding the inside run and edging them out. HE'S OUR ROKKII (4th, 1.6L chased fairly from midfield.

The Interest

Not much tempo in this race and only 2.9L between 1st and 10th, which was AROD (10th, 2.9L) after getting ridden quietly out the back. That lack of tempo didn't help most of the field, but it did help a fresh IT'S SOMEWHAT. He simply quickened best (11.38 from 400m to 200m) to win. Frustrating that O'Shea turned many off with his assessment on race day morning that the horse was carrying a bit too much condition first-up. NO DOUBT (5th, 2.2L) a huge run out of his grade. Follow NO DOUBT (back in grade).


James Innes Jnr takes no prisoners in the last

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 55249 Hogmanay Chris Waller James Innes Jnr 7 57.5
2 68814 Green Sweet Jean Dubois Andrew Adkins 1 61.0
3 64985 Hunter Jack Tim Martin Sam Clipperton 3 54.5

In The Running

HOGMANAY set a STRONG tempo and got them rolling along mid-race, VELADERO on his outside and GREEN SWEET trailing up behind on the inside.

The Result

HOGMANAY (1st) was joined by GREEN SWEET (2nd, 0.1L) and they dueled down the straight. HUNTER JACK (3rd, 2.9L) loomed up and was even to the line.

The Interest

HOGMANAY set a good even clip and it doesn't say much for the others that couldn't catch him. GREEN SWEET very good first-up and perhaps he is the one to follow. The grinding 3yo WINE BUSH (5th, 3.9L) only average and VELADERO (8th, 9.1L) poor. He was in the report though [vet: poor post-race recovery]. Follow GREEN SWEET.

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