Yard to the Post @ Golden Slipper Day

Race Day: Rosehill Gardens on Saturday, 18 March 2017

She will reign slipper 1

Flying filly SHE WILL REIGN dominated the Golden Slipper today on a Rosehill Gardens track that looked more like a farmer's field than the firm turf we're used to seeing in Sydney's west.

Some doubted her after she was beaten by FROLIC last start, but the form from that race was obviously strong, FROLIC running home up the inside for a clear second. Fillies too good for the boys this year, TULIP getting 3rd on protest after MENARI pushed her wider on the track.

There were four other Group Ones on the day too, WINX winning the George Ryder easily, OUR IVANHOWE (Ranvet) and RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (Galaxy) returning first-up to win, while GINGERNUTS' Guineas win was greeted with a big cheer from the Kiwis that had travelled over to support him.

A full review of the Golden Slipper is provided below. All other reviews will be on-line Monday 9am.

Track Info

Rail+4 metres
ConditionsHEAVY 10


Duke lands the final punch

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 36541 Big Duke Darren Weir Craig Williams 6 54.0
2 6417 Our Century Robert Hickmott Ben Melham 2 54.0
3 9422 Allergic James Cummings William Buick 7 58.0

In The Running

CAFE SOCIETY took up the running from SHALMANESER at a STEADY tempo. OUR CENTURY and BIG DUKE just behind them. A STEADY tempo set up and CAFE SOCIETY got rolling into the turn.

The Result

OUR CENTURY (2nd on protest, 0.1L) and BIG DUKE (1st) both came right away from the pack in a two horse duel. OUR CENTURY put his head out on the line, but not before pushing BIG DUKE wider on the track. ALLERGIC (3rd, 12.6L) and KINEMA (4th, 15.3L) grinding home.

The Interest

Big margins suggest these are both quality stayers from down south, 12.5L to the one-paced ALLERGIC in 3rd! BIG DUKE and OUR CENTURY with scope to improve and they handle all track conditions. Follow OUR CENTURY and BIG DUKE.


Everything pointed towards the royal blue

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 9422 Raiment John O'Shea Craig Williams 9 53.0
2 6747 Samantha Gerald Ryan Andrew Adkins 8 53.0
3 67323 Nancy Peter & Paul Snowden Hugh Bowman 7 58.5

In The Running

ZESTFUL took up the running from RAIMENT at a STEADY tempo. SAMANTHA wider out in midfield. HIEROGLYPHICS came 3W into the straight to start it's run.

The Result

RAIMENT (1st) sprinted right away from SAMANTHA (2nd, 3.3L) chasing honestly and NANCY (3rd, 4.3L) doing the same.

The Interest

She had HEAVY track form and some of the best form-lines in Sydney for mares, running an unlucky 2nd to In Her Time. RAIMENT looked a good thing on paper and that's the way it worked out, especially when they dropped anchor in-front and she was in control outside the lead. SAMANTHA and NANCY always honest. Don't be too harsh on ZESTFUL (5th, 5.6L) or TEMPT ME NOT (7th, 8.7L). They can both improve in different conditions. Follow RAIMENT.


Swooping home in the mud

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 53674 Derryn David & B Hayes & T Dabernig Regan Bayliss 10 56.0
2 73969 Crafty Cop Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes Tommy Berry 3 56.0
3 8644 Tactical Advantage Joseph Pride Glyn Schofield 9 57.0

In The Running

CONCHITA and IMPROVEMENT came across from out wide and set a STRONG tempo. CRAFT COP in the box seat. TACTICAL ADVANTAGE in midfield with DERRYN behind him.

The Result

DERRYN (1st) wound up down the outside to win from CRAFT COP (2nd), who fought on bravely. TACTICAL ADVANTAGE (3rd, 3.1L) kept on to the line late and grabbed IMPROVEMENT (4th, 3.4L) for a place.

The Interest

The fillies fired across and made this a real test, DERRYN finding the right spot and taking advantage. The runs of CRAFTY COP (closer to strong speed) and TACTICAL ADVANTAGE (looked awkward in wet) probably every bit as good though. STAR OF MONSOON (6th, 4.6L) did well enough in the mud on return and COGLIERE (10th, 7.8L) just had a warm-up for the Country Championships. No Follows or Forgives.


The Freedmans finally find the right track

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 74123 Our Ivanhowe Anthony Freedman Kerrin McEvoy 5 59.0
2 9422 Hartnell James Cummings William Buick 6 59.0
3 6417 The United States Robert Hickmott Ben Melham 3 59.0

In The Running

ANTONIO GIUSEPPE took up the running from SOFIA ROSA at a FAIR tempo (on steady side). OUR IVANHOWE back in the pack with HARTNELL on his back.

The Result

OUR IVANHOWE (1st) came wider with HARNTELL (2nd), OUR IVANHOWE much too strong to the line. THE UNITED STATES (3rd, 4.1L) got past ANTONIO GIUSEPPE (4th, 5L) late.

The Interest

He's had foot problems and the Freedman stable have had a bog track on their Christmas list for this talented stayer for the last couple of years. Finally he got it and the effort to have him fit enough first-up over 2000m was first class. HARTNELL better ridden quieter today and should improve on better ground. THE UNITED STATES probably has some upside too. OUR IVANHOWE unfortunately dipped after the post [vet: lame in the off-foreleg]. No Follows or Forgives.


A standing ovation for a special horse

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 69766 Winx Chris Waller Hugh Bowman 8 57.0
2 52425 Le Romain Kris Lees Glyn Schofield 7 59.0
3 6340 Chautauqua Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes Tommy Berry 1 59.0

In The Running

LEEBAZ led from LE ROMAIN at a STEADY tempo, getting rolling before the turn. WINX slow to begin and tracked up wide no cover mid-race staking behind them.

The Result

WINX (1st) joined in at the 300m and strode right away from LE ROMAIN (2nd, 7.3L) and CHAUTAUQUA (3rd, 8.6L).

The Interest

There's not much to say apart from wow! The crowd cheered for the length of the straight in a special moment for racing. LE ROMAIN honest as always and it turns out CHAUTAUQUA does see out the 1500m pretty well, just not as well as the champ! Follow WINX.


Kiwis trounce the Aussie 3yos again

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 63942 Gingernuts Stephen Autridge & Jamie Richards Opie Bosson 4 56.5
2 4842 Inference Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes Tommy Berry 3 56.5
3 1882 So Si Bon Robbie Laing Kerrin McEvoy 9 56.5

In The Running

HARPER'S CHOICE led COMIN' THROUGH and SEABURGE out wider. He rolled along and got going for home early, setting a STRONG tempo overall. GINGERNUTS well back in the field. IMPAVIDO back wide and lost a length when they kicked on the turn,

The Result

GINGERNUTS (1st) looped the field and broke clear from INFERENCE (2nd, 2.3L) and SO SI BON (3rd, 2.4L) fighting on. ANAHEIM (4th, 4.3L) running on out wider.

The Interest

He was a hard fit G1 winner that handles the wet, this slog of a race like this set-up well for the super tough NZ Derby winner GINGERNUTS. He hits the line hard every time, producing big wins at this last three starts over 2000m+. INFERENCE and SO SI BON brave, INFERENCE probably better suited to the 2400m of the Derby. ANAHEIM and IMPAVIDO (6th, 5.9L) did enough to be Derby contenders too. Follow GINGERNUTS and INFERENCE.


Speed, heart and the perfect ride

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 70369 She Will Reign Gary Portelli Ben Melham 13 54.5
2 10323 Frolic Michael Freedman Tommy Berry 17 54.5
3 74599 Tulip David & B Hayes & T Dabernig Kerrin McEvoy 10 54.5

In The Running

HOUTZEN sped to the lead at a STRONG tempo and TEASPOON worked up on her outside. TRAPEZE ARTIST took the trail behind them, followed by MENARI and SHE WILL REIGN, who was taken back from the barrier and snuck up the inside mid-race. In the early stages, SHE WILL REIGN got in-front of FROLIC and caused minor interference, leaving FROLIC right at the back of the field. TULIP was stuck very wide midfield.

The Result

SHE WILL REIGN (1st) moved up nearer the inside and drove to the lead to win easily from FROLIC (2nd, 2.3L), who ran on up the rails. MENARI (4th on protest, 5.2L) pushed TULIP (3rd, 5.1L) wider on the track as they both fought on. HOUTZEN (5th, 5.7L) tiring late.

The Interest

She was underestimated after her last start loss to FROLIC and in the end that was simply the form-line to follow. Melham produced a gem from an outside barrier to put SHE WILL REIGN in the perfect spot, just keeping himself on the right side of the stewards with a slight check to FROLIC early. Both fillies producing huge runs! While Melham found the rails from barrier 11, McEvoy somehow got stuck four wide no cover on TULIP, who was very strong too. No love lost for MENARI on HOUTZEN, who could still be two of the best horses in this race on a dry track. Blue Diamond quinella PARIAH (11th, 17.4L) and CATCHY (16th, 26.5L) didn't handle the HEAVY. A few in the report; MADEENATY [vet: shifted plate], CATCHY [vet: cardiac arrhythmia] and [vet: small laceration]. Follow SHE WILL REIGN, FROLIC, TULIP, MENARI and HOUTZEN.


The Snowdens land a big betting plunge

Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 60601 Russian Revolution Peter & Paul Snowden Kerrin McEvoy 14 50.5
2 9288 Redzel Peter & Paul Snowden Dwayne Dunn 11 54.5
3 67898 Jungle Edge Mick Bell Kevin Forrester 2 51.0

In The Running

JUNGLE EDGE led MISS PROMISCUITY and REDZEL striding up three wide with RUSSIAN REVOLUTION even wider. HEATHERLY slowish to begin and out wide in midfield. A STRONG tempo was set up.

The Result

In a three-way slog to the finish, RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (1st) edged out REDZEL (2nd, 0.2L) and JUNGLE EDGE (3rd, 0.4L). A big gap back to GLENALL (4th, 5.5L) running on out wider.

The Interest

An exciting finish to watch and for the Snowdens the right result, the betting plunge on an expensive colt showed that they thought RUSSIAN REVOLUTION would be too strong for REDZEL, and he was after covering more ground. A few nervous moments for favourite backers before the race when he cast a plate and sweated up. JUNGLE EDGE a brave mudlark. GLENALL (out of grade), FELINES (5th, 5.6L, prefers Randwick) and FELL SWOOP (6th, 6.6L) all solid runs. FELL SWOOP never touched with the whip at any stage and good through the line. Follow RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, REDZEL and FELL SWOOP.


Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 27474 Consommateur Michael Kent Dwayne Dunn 12 54.0
2 9422 Ambience John O'Shea William Buick 11 57.0
3 57919 Top of My List Anthony & Edward Cummings Regan Bayliss 13 54.0

The Interest

Big improvement up in distance for CONSOMMATEUR, a real staying type that proved she can handle the mud too. The tempo wasn't strong and she really dug in late. ALEGRIA probably wanted more tempo and is ready for further now. VANDANCER drifted in the market and only plain. The track was in pretty bad shape by this stage of the day. No Follows or Forgives.


Place Silk Horse Trainer Jockey Gate Kgs
1 10623 Pomelo Gwenda Markwell Chad Lever 10 54.0
2 11045 Heavenly Anna Kerry Parker Jay Ford 11 54.0
3 63539 Dream Lane Nick Mitchell Christian Reith 19 54.0

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