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Course proper (outer track above)

Track Circumference - 2224m     Length of Home Straight - 410m     Track Width at Winning Post - 28m

Kensington track (inside track above)

Track Circumference - 2100m     Length of Home Straight - 401m     Track Width at Winning Post - 18m


Otherwise know as "headquarters", Royal Randwick is the centre of carnival racing in Sydney and the showpiece of the The Australian Turf Club. Some of the great races that are run here include the Doncaster Mile and Queen Elizabeth Stakes during The Championships in the Autumn racing season. The recent investments have made the track an impressive venue to visit, with a beautiful contrast of the old members stand against the neigbouring main grandstand and its modern design. The Theatre of the Horse provides a unique experience before each race, a mounting yard with rows of stunning flowers and tiered viewing areas all centred on the stars of the show.

The Royal Randwick track is a grand test of any racehorse with open spaces and a lush grassed surface. The final home turn is tight enough to make the horses work, just as the pressure is going on, and as they enter the straight they are met with the 'Randwick Rise', a short, but testing hill that can get the best of horses off-balance and starting to tire. A wide and long home straight provides an amazing spectacle for the run home, especially from the upper levels of the main grandstand.

Tamariz takes a bow - the Theatre of the Horse provides a great viewing area for the horses


Horse Type and Style

When the conditions are good, and there is no bias, Royal Randwick is a fair racecourse where most racing styles can be successful. Any sign of rain though and horses that come from behind (i.e. 'swoopers') can be advantaged. Almost all types of horse will perform well at Royal Randwick, but general preference is for horses that can corner well and handle the famous 'Randwick Rise'. Tall, slim and leggy types that are put off balance easily may struggle through this tough section of the track.

Favourite Track: Most types, but a professional horse that can relax and has strength is always a good thing (e.g. Diamond Drille)


Not their favourite: Taller, leggy types that lose momentum through the home turn and 'Randwick Rise' (e.g. Hoylonny)



Royal Randwick is very central, just a few kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. A varirty of bus routes will take you to the track and there is extensive parking in the centre of the course. For further information on getting there see The Australian Turf Club link -


Track Bias

Typically Royal Randwick is a fair track, but in certain conditions very strong bias is apparent. On very dry days there may be a preference for leaders and on-pace horses. Any sign of rain though and things can be different, when a drier area can often form on the higher ground (about 6-7 horses off a true rail), and swoopers will be advantaged. The strongest bias in recent meetings has been a preference for being off the rails when the track has been wet during the week, and dries significantly closer to race day. 

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