Guide Glossary

Some definitions of words you will find in the pages of The Race Guide.

Race Tempo

The speed at which a horse race is run relative to an average speed for each class. For example, if horses are being pushed along just to keep up in the first half of a race, this is referred to as a 'GOOD TEMPO' and will ensure the horses that swoop from behind have an opportunity to win. The different Race Guide tempo ratings are shown in the Race Day Review and Form Guide video comments. The seven tempo ratings are:

  1. STRONG TEMPO - Horses are pushed along to run significantly higher sectionals in the first half of the race than the last 600m. Typically, leaders will tire and back-markers will be advantaged.
  2. FAIR TEMPO - A normal tempo is set.
  3. STEADY TEMPO - The field rolls along in steady sectionals for the first part of the race.
  4. SLOW TEMPO - The leaders control the race and run along at a slow rate. Typically back-markers will be disadvantaged due to the very quick sectionals the last part of the race is run in.


Track Bias

The outcome of certain characteristics of each track that make it preferred to be either in certain parts of the track, or certain positions within the racing pack. Bias ratings are published in the summary of the Race Day Review and the Form Guide video comments. Updates are provided through Twitter on @TheRaceGuide. Various forms of bias are possible, the most common types are shown below:

  • BIAS OFF RAILS - Horses are advantaged if they are off the rails, and out wider on the track.
  • BIAS ON RAILS - Horses are advantaged if they are close to the rails.
  • BIAS ON-PACE - Horses are advantaged if they are near the pace during the race (assuming an EVEN TEMPO).
  • BIAS RUN-ON - Horses are advantaged if they run on from towards the back of the pack (assuming an EVEN TEMPO).


Glossary of Terms

  • Form - A list of the horses past performances, including its finishing position and other data such as track, distance, weight carried etc.
  • Horse Type - The basic conformation of a horse and its key features. For example, a "tall athletic stayer" or a "compact and muscled sprinter".
  • Racing Style - The pattern the horse usually follows in its races. For example, "lead from the front" or "swoop from the back".
  • Race Guide Profiler - The Race Guide team's view on key statistics that relate to each horses Type and Style. Including Early Speed, Acceleration, Finishing Strength and the Reliability of each horse.
  • Weight - The handicap weight carried by a horse, which includes the jockey's weight.
  • Barrier - The starting gate a horse will jump from in the race, typically lower numbers are preferred.
  • Track - The location of a race
  • Distance - The distance of a race, measured in metres.
  • Conditions - The track rating (e.g. GOOD 3 or HEAVY 8), which depend on the weather and amount of rain.



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