Track Update | Warwick Farm

Published: 22 Oct 2019

Updated: Tuesday 8:06pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday 23rd October

Rail: TRUE

Conditions (current): GOOD 4

Weather (forecast): 30 degrees 15-25 km/h NE wind. source: BOM

Conditions (forecast): GOOD 3 to GOOD 4

Bias (forecast): FAIR

  • 16th October (+5m rail, GOOD 4), when track was pretty FAIR, inside ground good
  • 7th October (+3m rail, SOFT 5), when track was pretty FAIR, on-pace runners doing well
  • 18th September (TRUE rail, HEAVY 10), when horses performed OFF RAILS (3W+)
  • 28th August (+5m rail, GOOD 4), when inside ground better (RAILS-3W)
  • 31st July (TRUE rail, GOOD 4), when pretty FAIR, inside ground fine
  • 17th July (+5m rail, SOFT 6 to SOFT 5), when pretty FAIR across RAILS-6W, maybe touch better inside
  • 10th July (+3m rail, HEAVY 9 to HEAVY 8), when pretty FAIR, maybe a touch better just off rails
  • 12th June (TRUE rail, SOFT 6), when pretty FAIR, maybe 2W+ a touch better
  • 29th May (+5m GOOD 4 to GOOD 3), when FAIR
  • 15th May (+3m, GOOD 4), when FAIR
  • 1st May (TRUE rail, GOOD 4), when FAIR
  • 17th April (+5m rail, GOOD 4), when inside lanes RAILS-3W a bit better
  • 27th March (+3m rail, HEAVY 8), when horses edged off rails, but track pretty FAIR
  • 13th March (TRUE rail, GOOD 4 to SOFT 7), when rain meant horses edged wider later, but overall track pretty FAIR
  • 13th February (+3m rail, GOOD 4), when FAIR

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