"Freak" Kensington Gets the Kick

Published: 22 Nov 2014

"Freak of a Grass" - Track manager Navesh Ramdhani might have to give the Kenso surface the kick


The Kensington track kick-back had reared its head in previous meetings and this time it was just one flying mud missile too many.

In a desperate last-minute move, the much maligned inner track was watered earlier in the week to help the grass bind ahead of this weekend’s meeting. It didn’t help one bit though, as the latter races saw as much, if not more, flying turf than before.

As the conditions worsened, the track management team led by Navesh Ramdhani (pictured above) would have been looking for a quiet corner to hide. A press release was submitted by the Australian Turf Club soon after the last race.

“The Kensington track was not up to acceptable standards for a Metropolitan racing surface today”, ATC Chief Executive Darren Pierce admitted, before outlining that the track would now be closed for renovation.

The problem quite simply is that the grass isn’t growing well enough. Race track turf needs the strength to handle the weight of half-tonne thoroughbreds at top speed. Partly due to an over-efficient drainage system, which ensures most water is lost, and partly due the Village Green grass variety, we are left with a course that might be better used for lawn bowls.

The Collins Group, the organisation that installed the turf, describes the Village Green variety as a “Freak of a Grass" on their website.

After millions of dollars invested in the track already and with lesser race-courses offering much less hassle, branding Kensington a “Freak” seems more than appropriate. 


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